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We solve the biggest problem in media buying today - Data

Ad networks are a necessary evil, but they don’t have to be terrible. 

You know that Ad Network you’re using? The one that’s not performing as well as you’d like? Yeah, we can help with that.

Down Dog Data is the solution to your performing ad network woes. We use our identity resolution technology to enrich your data and improve performance.

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Identity Resolution

We don’t just track your browsing habits, we store them forever. 

Our SuperPixel has access to over 270m user profiles and is tracking 1.9 trillion behaviours every single day. 

 Within a 5 minute installation our customers see 30-70% (and sometimes more) of traffic matched with their own personal information!

In-Market Audiences

Imagine a world where your marketing campaigns are always on point and you can target the right audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

 You’ll never have to worry about wasted advertising dollars again because you can now access over 1.9 trillion behaviors and keyword searches, all of which are the fuel to precision targeting!

Make Ad Platforms Smarter

We flood the ad platforms with hyper-targeted audiences. 

Let our SuperPixel capture 30-60x more data into a closed feedback loop and watch magic happen. 

Algorithms train themselves smarter than ever before!


We are the biggest data company you've never heard of

Identity Resolution

We take anonymous traffic and turn it into real people. We help you understand who your customers are and what they want. With our help, you can create a more personalized experience for them and increase conversions.

Double Your Conversion Rates

We have a powerful new way to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. We use our identity resolution tech and hyper-targeted RA sequences, which means we can send emails directly from data! You'll see 2 - 3x more sales with these techniques in place than what was before.

In-Market Audiences

We have 1.9 trillion behaviors and keyword searches on our identity graph, so you can be sure that you're reaching the right people with your marketing message. We guarantee that you'll reach your target market with precision and accuracy.

Match Rate Optimization

This will increase match rates on all ad platforms. We do this by implementing customized optimization techniques that enrich data about each visitor, so the ad platforms can target your audience better - giving advertisers an edge when bidding online against competitors who don't have access (or simply choose not) to use such insight as part of their strategy.

Omni-Channel Marketing

It's time to take your marketing campaign into the modern era with one simple change. We'll show you how by using our in-market audiences and creating a omnichannel strategy that will wow customers on every device they use!

How Does It Work

How We Drop Ad Costs By 50%

Access over 1.9 trillion behaviors and keyword searches and build precision targeting.

Identify The Keywords/Behaviours

Find the most intent keywords from your customer.

Match The Keywords Across Our Super Identity Graph

We cross reference the keywords with 270m profiles.

Identify The Exact Target Audience

Find the exact consumers behind searches.

Sync Hyper-Targeted Audiences Into Ad Platforms

Drop costs by up to 50%


Case Studies

Case Study - Auto Insurance

Client needed to find additional scale at as good or better than current ROAS that was not sustainable

Case Study - B2B Advertiser

Client looked to effectively increase the numbers of leads and “Requests for Demo” for its services

Case Study - Personal Financing

Client had not been able to consistently, or profitably, scale across Google Display and Discovery channels.