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Case Study

National Auto Insurance Advertiser

The Problem

Client needed to find additional scale at as good or better than current ROAS


Retargeting and Lookalike audiences

Managed Spend $30,00

(increased after initial results)


30 days



Target Benchmark

Retargeting ROAS = 1.52
Lookalikes ROAS = 0.52
*Client targets these initial metrics with expectation that LTV (much higher than 1.00) will follow proportionately

The Results

Test period peformance (30 days)

A key dynamic to our company is that as the machine learning engine processes more data, it gets smarter in measuring intent. This leads to performance that continues to improve with time. The below is a graph illustrating the increase in ROAS during the test period. By the end of the test, daily ROAS was 100-400% above the benchmark.